Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Forecast: rain, with a slight chance of the blahs

The weather has been kinda... gloomy lately. Lots of clouds, wind, rain. Kinda cold. Not fun. The sun came out a bit this afternoon, I'm hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day. Pat called me this afternoon and invited me to go sightseeing with her and her family tomorrow. Good weather would be very nice.

Zach left for NJ this morning. =( At least he'll only be gone for a few days... back on Saturday morning. I spent the day watching the Friends (1st season!) dvds that came in the mail yesterday, though they're all in black and white b/c that's how our Swiss "all region" dvd player plays US discs (and these are US discs it seems).

In other news... any one else baffled by the fact that most major news casts showed live footage of Paris Hilton going into and out of prison? Is this really the breaking news we need to be getting? Just goes to show how many of the "legitimate" news shows seem to be less reliable and valid than, say, The Daily Show.


  1. this whole "cover every move paris hilton makes" is insane! my sister is boycotting anything having to do with the hilton family because of it. i'm about two steps from joining her!

  2. You have to watch this clip - you'll love it!


  3. I don't even follow the news anymore. It's all death and destruction or hollywood gossip.



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