Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Satellite Conundrum

After weeks of putting it off, today I actually started trying to look into our options for getting satellite installed. See, our quaint little village does not get cable, and right now we don't even have an antennae so we don't even get local channels. So, we've been thinking of satellite.

The relocation company that's been such a lifesaver for us throughout the whole move recommended this guy that specializes in Sky TV. Our friends have Sky TV. Being from the UK, and mostly in English, it seems like the logical choice for us American expats, right?

Except that Sky is technically only supposed to be for UK residents. Like, you have to have a special UK TV license to have Sky. The people who install it here in Switzerland will set you up with a PO Box in the UK, but they warn you NEVER TO CALL SKY DIRECTLY and that, if Sky finds out that you're illegally using their network, they'll cancel your service and charge you the $115 (I'm assuming that's in pounds?) TV license anyway.

This all seems slightly sketchy to me. Not to mention that, after looking up their price list, once you get the box, the satellite dish, have it all installed, pay the annual fee, etc, you're looking at close to $2,000 (swiss francs). That doesn't include the monthly charges for whatever channels you want.

Soooo... I'm trying to look at other, local satellite options, but all their websites are in French, and most likely all of their programming, too. Which is fine, I'm sure it's very good for us to hear French TV to get used to the sound, but do I really wanna pay $50+/month for programming I can only understand half of?

I've also found some Netflix-equivalents (though of course, more expensive) that we most likely will sign up for, and honestly I might lean towards just getting that and not a satellite package. However, that would mean Zach not getting his sports channels... and that might not work.

So I guess Zach and I have some talking over to do tonight... or whenever we have time to do so.


  1. Can he get his sports through websites? With all the video-streaming stuff going on now I'm sure ESPN.com or someone can provide for his sports entertainment... that, or ask someone here to record in and send you a DVD. :P

  2. We have Sky here in London and are totally rotting our brains with American TV reruns (Friends, Friends, Friends! Frasier Weekend! etc). Which, you know, we could get for free in America. Also, if you had DVR through Time-Warner in the States (or Tivo), Sky+ (what we have) is inferior (many fewer recording options and glitchy) and MUCH MORE expensive. I guess if I were you, I'd skip it unless you really have no other good options. Good luck! Somehow all those silly American reruns do make me feel less homesick, though...

  3. NBC streams the current week's shows online, available until you come to the next episode

  4. Unfortunately sometimes those web streams don't work overseas. Zach was trying to watch basketball highlights once online, but b/c we're outside of the US it wouldn't let him.



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