Saturday, June 09, 2007

six word sunday*: Guestroom Available, Chocolates and Cat Included.

six word sunday challenge

*posted a day early, since I may not have access to the internet tomorrow.


  1. so funny! I keep wanting to start that, but I haven't yet got the Thankful Thursday down. I'll charge the batteries on the camera, tho

  2. methinks i'll drop by... :)

  3. I love it! not that I need another reason to come visit, but that was a great advertisement :)

  4. sarahhh8:25 PM

    all cats should have their own.

    btw, i got these supplements/treats for mitsy my cat at trader joes. mitsy is usually insanely picky about food and she really lovesss them. next time you're in the states i recommend you get them for sierra. :)

    i'd love to have the recipe to your pumpkin bread if you have some time. it sounds delish.



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