Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Fun

On Tuesday we met up with The Parents in Carouge, a very cutesy little suburb on the outskirts of Geneva. Mom and Philip had been going around town on their own earlier, and then found a spot at a sidewalk bar next to this huge water fountain. As Zach and I walked up to meet them, we got a huge laugh... the water fountain itself was pretty cool, but the best part was all the kids SWIMMING in it and running around in the water! You see the big bowls of water splashing down? This one kid was up inside one of the lower ones, then jumped down to go run after someone else. Highly unsafe, I'm sure, but HOW FUN DOES THIS LOOK?? =P

This little kid was totally cute, splashing water all around.
I guess it was just the unexpected sight... it was pretty warm that day, too, so I almost wanted to jump in there with them. Looks way more fun than a regular pool. ; )

As for today... I did a whole lot of nothin'. Ok, so actually I finally unpacked all my long necklaces and hung them up my a new bulletin board. So Sierra will have a whole slew of new toys to play with while mommy isn't looking... I got a call from my friend Pat who's visiting a bunch of family here this summer. She's in Geneva with some family, but we may get to see her this weekend, which would be nice as otherwise she won't get to see Zach (she'll be staying with me for a few days next week, but it'll be after Zach leaves for his business trip again). This should be a good weekend... it's the last one Zach and I will have alone, together, for a while. Don't get me wrong, it'll be awesome to have Andrew out here next week, but I'm also looking forward to a couple of days of just relaxing with my hubby. =)

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