Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Skylight Problem Update- SUCCESS!!!!!!!

So, remember our issue with the skylight in our bedroom? (if not, check here and here for previous entries) We weren't having any luck going through either of the stores we found, so Zach went ahead and ordered the windowshade via the Velux website.

Guess what came in the mail today??? =)

I wouldn't even have gotten it yet if it weren't for my absolute DREAM of a neighbor who took the package from the mailman (not the first time, either) and then brought it over, saving me a trip to the post office tomorrow to pick it up myself.

So I opened the package and realized I'd have to drill some holes into the windowpane in order to get this thing up. I was all set to call Bob and trade in some Jules baby-sitting time to have him come over and do the job with his cordless drill, but first I decided to attempt it myself... and I totally did it! I'm so proud of myself! Yaaaay! Here's the before and after pics:

(please ignore the messy bed)

Can I tell you how ECSTATIC I am to have this be DONE with? My previous ghetto-rigged system was not going to last much longer. Ah, to be able to sleep in peace, in darkness... =)


  1. YAY!! Don't be afraid of the power tools, they're lots of fun and look at your success :)



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