Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A day of... "sightseeing"

Random word of advice: Google maps does not do well with small Swiss villages. Both of the times I've gone to meet family of Pat's that live in small villages north of Geneva, I've gotten lost b/c google maps can't deal with the last small streets. Oh well, I got there eat time...

Today I got up early and headed over to Pat's uncle's house. We were set to have a day of sight-seeing with Pat, her mom, and the uncle. We started out driving around NYaon (didn't get out much b/c it was cold and rainy) and then going to Lausanne. We had a very yummy lunch at a Vietnamese place where Pat was able to satisfy her craving for greasy asian noodles. They were fabulous.

After that, the day kinda turned into a trip down memory lane for Pat's mom and her brother. They both grew up in the Philippines, but spent months at a time living in Switzerland as kids b/c their parents are Swiss, and so we stopped by some of the houses where they'd lived. It was... fun enough.

We then went back to the uncle's house and ordered pizza from this restaurant down the street that's apparently very well known, and the pizza was really good actually... and it was great b/c I've been craving good pizza the past few days. The uncle's wife had stayed home earlier b/c she had a cold, but she joined us for dinner and since she doesn't speak much English at all I got to practice some of my French. =) They also have 2 dogs, a black poodle and another breed that I didn't recognize but was about the same size. They were both fun and very cute. =)

Finally at about 9pm or so Pat and I headed back here, and she'll now be staying with me till Friday, I think. Tomorrow we'll go into town and meet up with a friend of mine from class for lunch, and then we might try to find the botanical gardens... we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping the weather cooperates.

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