Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet another reason why my husband is awesome

Along with all the items I'd asked Zach to buy for me while in California, he also managed to surprise me with a few extra goodies... including this HUGE stash of magazines (these'll keep me busy for a while!), AND... (drum roll, please)... a half a bag of kettle corn, purchased the morning of his flight at a farmer's market. My god, is this stuff good.

So, um, yeah. MY husband's a badass. =P

Zach also took several pictures of peoples back in Cali, anyone who's interested in viewing them can do so here. I must say I got a bit nostalgic looking through them.. especially seeing Mr Stinky Fuzzy Butt with his freshly shaven lion-cut hairstyle (furstyle?).

Another thing that left me feeling nostalgic for the US today? Thinking of good ole Target, or even crappy Albertsons, and how I knew I could always walk into one of those and find the item I was looking for. Went to a grocery store in town today, while running other errands, specifically in search of more compostable bags (among some other stuff). Couldn't find them. So I'll have to drive out to the store in La Praille this afternoon on my way out to my baby-sitting date with Jules. A minor altercation, but frustrating nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. kettle korn and trash magazines. it really doesn't get much better!



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