Sunday, June 03, 2007

Week 4

Usually when Zach's out of town, I let laziness get the best of me and won't eat regularly. I'll snack, but actually cooking a meal just seems like too much effort. Now, though, considering I've got a teeny little tadpole in my belly trying to grow big and strong, I'm forcing myself to eat better. I've found myself going for that apple or cup of yogurt even if I'm not really hungry, just b/c I know I have big dietary needs to fill. Right now, I've got dinner cooking on the stove, a simple move that I might have left undone if I weren't pregnant. But I have to take better care of myself now-- baby's depending on me! Zach had already started joking a few weeks back about how when I get preggers he'll have to start cooking better meals for me. ; ) (honestly, he does a pretty good job anyway)

There are times when I feel like shouting our news from the mountaintop and that keeping this baby a secret is just SO DIFFICULT. Then there's other times when I just smile to myself, content to keep this just between us for a bit longer, our little secret. Still... it's going to be so much fun spreading the news. =)

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