Friday, June 08, 2007

Le Fin du Cours de Francais

Today was my last day of French class... and to celebrate the end of this session of the course, we had a pot-luck at one of the student's apartment after class. It was much fun, lots of good food and some fun multi-lingual conversations, etc. The pumpkin bread was a HUGE hit... as usual. ; )

I got a text message from Mom and Philip as we were about to sit down to eat, saying they were at my house already... woops! I was in the middle of town at the time. They said to take my time and they'd keep themselves occupied, so I hung around to eat and such, and then made my way home to find them sitting in the front terrace reading. I made some dinner for us and we had a nice time here at the house, and now it's approaching bedtime.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll head out towards Montreau where the parents have their 2nd time share week. I'll go with them tomorrow, then return Monday to greet Zach upon his return from the states. I'm not sure if we'll have good internet access up in the mountains, so I may have to post my six word sunday early tomorrow... well see.

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