Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mommy arrives tomorrow!

So, I really should have gone to the store this afternoon, so I could drop off recycling and buy some more milk. But, I was feeling tired & lazy and it was raining, so I've instead sat on my ass in front of the computer again. Productive, huh? At least Mom and Philip don't have too high hopes for the orderliness of the house. ; ) I go meet them tomorrow at the train station right after class. I'm pretty excited... it'll be fun to see family after being here a few months, get to show off everything. And Sierra and I will welcome the company, even if it's only for 1 night for now. Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow, it'd be nice to have lunch in town somewhere before bringing them home...

I've noticed that I'm getting more frustrated in French class these days. I think we've learned a lot of the basic stuff, and now we're getting more nit-picky, and learning the exceptions to all the rules we'd finally succeeded in drilling into our heads. I was feeling pretty good about my verb tenses, but now we're throwing in a bunch of others into the mix, and I guess the class worked on them while I was gone, I dunno, and it's starting to get more confusing. I only have 1 more week left... then I'll take a break for the summer. Then I might take a conversational class or something... just something to continue practice, without so much focus on grammar. I wish I could count on myself to study at home, but I just have not proven myself to be very consistent with that. The good news though, is I do feel a lot more comfortable with French. It used to be that if I needed to ask someone a question in a store, I'd ask immediately if they spoke English. Now, I'll actually try to speak in French. I don't always get understood, but it shows that I have more confidence in my abilities.

I bought some drawer-liner rolls last week, and last night I managed to ghetto-rig them up so they cover the skylight. It actually worked pretty well this morning. Woot! Being able to sleep in our own bed gave me time to wash (and let dry) the guestbed's sheets in time for The Parents' arrival tomorrow. Their comforter is still covered in Sierra furr (it appeared to be her fave spot while we were gone?)... they may just have to deal with that.

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