Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Snow, New Friends, New Electronics

Zach and I went out for a walk this afternoon, and I noticed that there's snow on top of the mountains. I guess that's the positive after-effect of it having turned all cold and rainy over the weekend. Mountains just look so much cooler with a bit of snow on top.

On our way back, we decided to stop in on some neighbors that Michel and Gerard had told us a bout, a family that had moved to our small village 16 years ago from the states and never looked back. The mom, Connie, happened to be home and immediately invited us in and poured us a couple glasses of wine as she continued to cook dinner, and talked to us a bit. We met her husband, Matthew, a few minutes later, as he came in from his daily bike ride. They have 4 children, the oldest is 19 and the youngest... I'm not sure, maybe 10? We only met one of them, Henry, who appeared to be about 14 yrs old. We stayed there for maybe 20-30 minutes, then excused ourselves when Connie had to go pick up her daughter from the bus stop at a nearby town. It was great to meet them, Connie said they'd been very curious about us, too, having noticed that someone moved into this house (which apparently, before being remodeled, was famous here in town for the squatters who lived here for a few years) and had seen our definitely un-Swiss names on the mailbox. It's funny to think about that now, as we've noticed many people strolling past and stopping to look at our mailbox, and seeming somewhat puzzled, looking up at the house, then continuing on with their walk.

In other news, Zach and I are now the proud owners of a DVD player! We got the cheapest one from Media Markt, some no-name brand, so it should be interesting. A decent percentage of items that we've known of that were bought at Media Markt have been... defective. Like the washer that we bought and broke a few days later (has been working fine since!). So we'll see how this goes. We just didn't really wanna spend $100+ on a DVD player. I did also find the 10th season of Friends for $25, not bad, eh? That should help keep me occupied while Zach's in California all next week.

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  1. Whew! I'm all caught up now. Good to hear ya'll are getting out and making friends. That has always been my challenge in a new place, but I have a plan for the next move to meet the neighbors right away.
    Well the parents are excited. They've been sorting out how to pack the method because they are allowed only 2 liters per bag. :) You should be set for a couple months though



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