Monday, May 28, 2007

I Guess This is What They Kept Warning Us About...

First of all, Zach's written a new post on his xanga blog. Go read it and show him some love! (xanga now allows anonymous comments so even non-members can comment on no excuses! ; P )

It's been a rainy and very lazy weekend. Today's Pentecost, which is a holiday here so both Zach and I were off today. It's been rainy off-and-on the past 2 days, and we've spent them curled up inside the house wishing we had a DVD player to watch some movies on. Not that we have any to watch... hmmm we still have some more nest-feathering left to do, huh? But yeah, we talked about going on a walk a couple times, but each time it started raining again soon afterwards. We did find a quick break to go walk the grass clippings from the yard up to the community compost container.

I think I'm spending even more time than normal on the computer lately b/c I don't have much of anything else to do around here... We have a TV, but can't watch anything on it yet. In Cali I had a near-constant pile of books from the public library to read through, but not anymore. There is an English library in town, it costs about $100+ a year to join I think but perhaps it'll be worth it. I'll try to check it out this week sometime.

Zach leaves Wednesday to spend 10 days in California or work. We're hoping he'll be back for his birthday (June 12). I don't ever like him being gone, but hopefully it'll only be for a short while, and my parents get here Friday so I'll have some company over the weekend.

We haven't had a day like this in a long time... where you're home, nothing to do (or nothing you can do since everything's closed), and too wet and rainy to enjoy the outdoors. I guess I haven't felt very productive the past 2 days. Blah. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow.

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  1. i guess i didn't realize zach had a blog! very cool. i've already left him a comment.
    you just might get your $100 back out of that library use fee!



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