Wednesday, May 30, 2007

uh... great timing

Zach left eeaaarrrlllyyyy this morning (cab came at 5:45am). I had class as usual, ran some errands in town, then got home and have been sitting at the computer ever since. Not very good. I have yet to get anything in the mail about my bus ticket, so tomorrow I need to go to one of their offices and ask what's going on.

In other news, just now when I went to check if today's mail had come (it hasn't), I noticed that a hornet has decided to take up residence inside our mailbox. And make babies. Our mailboxes are like a cube-ish shaped metal box, with a slimmer upper compartment for letters and a separate bottom one for larger envelopes and small packages. Well, dangling down from the package compartment is a small hornet's nest, with a mama hornet clinging visciously to it. WHAT DO I DO??? I would try to knock it off with a stick, but I'm not sure how quickly hornets fly and I don't want an angry mama hornet coming after me. We had a hornet's nest near our front door one summer when I was younger, and my sister Cristina got stung on the forehead and it was all swollen for, like, weeks. She took to wearing her hair so that half of it covered her face until the swelling went down. I have no hair to cover my face with, so I'd rather just not get stung in the first place.

I would call our landlord, except... I don't really know who that is. Or if they speak English. WHERE is my husband when I need him?? (not that he'd help with the language thing, but he's the MAN of the house and is supposed to take care of this kind of stuff, right?) Oh yeah.... he's on a plane to California. Hmmm, maybe I can enlist my step-dad to take care of this when he and Mom get here on friday...?


  1. oh, no! my vote? wait for your stepdad. hornets freak me out!

  2. Ah, Swiss Planning for All Eventualities saves the day!

    Not sure what it would be called in the French area, but there is a department within your community that handles that kind of thing. Give them a ring and they will send someone out to take care of it!

  3. I say let stepdad take care of it, and you and your mom watch from a few feet away and wish him luck. Do any of your stores sell spray for that? That's what we used recently. We had a nest in our eve about the garage.



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