Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So, I'm pregnant. EEEK!!! We found out yesterday morning, when I took a home test on a whim, totally not expecting it to come out positive, and so was then shocked (but very happy) to see a teensy, very faint-- but definitely present-- 2nd pink line. It took me the rest of the day to really believe it, fearing that it was a mistake. However this morning I got a 2nd positive result, and when I went to see the doctor today she performed an ultrasound and was just able to make out the tiny speck that will one day be MY CHILD.

So it is now safe to say that I'm pregnant. I'm still worried about miscarriage... something like 20% of confirmed pregnancies don't go to term, which is a scary statistic. However we're young and healthy, so the odds are a bit more on our side... but with these things so often it's just completely random anyway. But, it only took us 2 months to conceive so if something happens our plans should hopefully not be delayed too long.

But enough of that... The baby's due date is Feb 10, 2008. I guess our family could use another early-in-the-year birthday, huh? ; ) (most of the b-days in my family start in May/June and snowball from there on until xmas eve) Unfortunately this means I'll be too big to fly home for Christmas, which means this will be my first Christmas not spent with my parents. This... could be tough. But part of me is looking forward to having our first Christmas as our own little family (!!!!), here in our home, in Switzerland, where we might also end up celebrating a white one. AND it helps us justify a trip to CA and TX in August/September, meaning we can go to Ankur & Subha's and Karen & Benjamin's weddings!! Which is very exciting.

Now we just have to decide when/how to tell people. Mom and Philip arrive to Switzerland Friday, but Zach will be gone until the following week, so I'll have to stay mum until he gets back. Could be tough. After we tell them in person, we may start doing the rounds of calling Zach's parents, and then siblings... we'll see. I still haven't made up my wind whether it's worse to a) tell people and then have to deliver the bad news over and over again in case of a miscarriage, or b) not tell people but if said miscarriage happens, have to suffer alone b/c no one knows. Might have to have some talks with Zach to see how he feels about it.

For now, I'll keep this post as a draft, and then when we decide to make the news public I'll post it for all to see. Deal?

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