Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Chanchitos

The baby chanchito I found in Austin, Texas, of all places, while standing in line at Waterloo Icehouse buying some CDs. The big mama chanchito is the one I finally found, after much scourging, during one of our last days in Santiago. For those of you that don't know, these ceramic, 3-legged piggies are a bit of a Chilean/South American tradition and they're said to help bring good luck. I just think they're absolutely adorable. =) I actually recently found a flickr member devoted to taking pictures of chanchitos on various adventures! He's since started a group for chanchito adventure pictures that I've joined. I'm very much looking forward to having all sorts of photographic adventures with my mama and baby piggies. =P

In other news, Slate.com recently published an excellent article on Montessori education. Montessori is something that can be hard to describe a lot of the time, mostly b/c it is so different from traditional schooling, but the author here did a good job, I think. I of course believe that Montessori is akin to the Holy Grail, so I encourage everyone to go take a peek at the article. ; )

Nothing much exciting to report today. I have yet got up the nerve to go through the process of uploading the rest of the Chile pictures onto flickr, so for now those of you with the time and interest to peruse them (there's a ton of pictures, yes, but many of them are really cool) you can do so by clicking here and signing into Snapfish.

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  1. those little piggies are so cute! what fun to have adventures with them!



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