Monday, May 14, 2007

The last days...

So we got back from Buenos Aires saturday night (or very early sunday morning), then sunday after having breakfast with Daddy we rested in our room for a bit to catch up (our room in BA was nice, but for some reason neither of us were able to sleep very well so were pretty tired). As it turned out, Pachin (one of my cousins) was having everyone over to her house for a Mother´s Day lunch, so we accompanied Daddy over there and got to see most of the family again, including some new kiddoes that have been born since we moved away. Lots of pisco sours and empanadas were had by all.

This morning I found a little peluqueria to get my hair cut, figuring it would be much cheaper to do it here ($12) as opposed to in Geneva ($75-$100). We then met up with Daddy in Barrio Bellavista for lunch, then did some shopping and scouted out La Chascona (Pablo Neruda´s house, now a museum) which unfortunately was closed b/c it´s monday. I´m super happy though because I FINALLY was able to find some chanchitos! They´re little ceramic piggies with 3 legs that are a traditional Chilean thing and are supposed to bring good luck. I had expected them to be a fairly common item sold as a souvenir, but I have not been able to find them anywhere, but today I found one store with 2 of them, for $2 each, so I got them both. One will go to our neighbors (who are taking care of Sierra). I also found some lapis lazuli jewelry for myself, and a couple goodies for Mom and Susan (the mom-in-law) as late mother´s day gifts.

Tomorrow we´ll go back to ViƱa for a couple days, then thursday we´ll get together with Tia Dotty, and with Peter and his wife, again, and then friday... we go back to Switzerland! These 3 weeks are going by fast. As great as this trip has been, I´m feeling ready to go back home. I miss our house, and Sierra! Poor Zach says he´s starting to feel more comfortable with Spanish... only to have to go back to French in just a few more days.

I got to talk to Mom yesterday, it was nice to catch up a bit. She and Philip will be out in June to see us, I´m really looking forward to that. I also called Jenny, it was great to talk to her. I miss her.. she promised that she´d come out to visit us before the end of the year, and I´m holding her to it! =P It sure is a good thing that so many people are coming out to Europe to see us, b/c I´m not quite sure when I´ll get to visit the states... hopefully around christmas.


  1. holy moly, those three weeks sure have flown by! i've enjoyed reading about your adventures!

  2. RYC: Amazon is not one of the district's vendors, so I can't order from them and have school pay for it. I did order some books through Barnes and Noble online, because they are an approved vendor, but they didn't have half my order so I had to get it through Amazon and pay for it myself... which is all a big waste now, since because of delays I didn't get the books when I needed them and I won't be there next year... I think I spent $150 of my own money on those books.

  3. i've been crazy busy that i've hardly read your adventures.

    that's a great deal on a haircut. good thinking.

    enjoy your last days! :)



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