Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A series of mini-updates

Yesterday we got back from spending a long weekend in East Texas as part of a family reunion. It was mainly for my mom, step-dad, and their children, but we got Zach's parents and my dad to come as well, so Donovan had his own entourage of grandparents to follow him around at all times and take him on walks and sing to him and entertain him in any way imaginable. He's gonna be so disappointed when we get back to Switzerland, looks around, and sees it's just him and me again. ; )

Last week we went to Central Market with my dad and he went around and introduced D to all ther employees that he's gotten to know there on his frequent shopping trips. It was quite cute. I think later today we'll go to the coffee shop that Hank and Susan often go to to show D off there as well.

It's funny the things you feel yourself needing to get used to all over again. I have no idea what the speed limits are anywhere, realizing I've totally gotten used to the Swiss system of having "default" speeds that you use unless there's a specific posted limit. I'm also once again taken aback by the size of people here.

D seems to be teething again/still. I think I can actually feel a swollen spot on his lower gum this time. He seems to be constantly gnawing on his or others' fingers. The other day we gave him a cold carrot to chew on, he seemed to like it, if only for a few minutes. I wonder when we'll actually see a tooth...

Now I'm realizing it's already Wednesday, we leave on Monday to go back to CH, and goodness time is flying by.

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  1. haha! When we first went to California with A, my dad insisted on taking us to his favorite breakfast place and went around introducing A to everyone :)

    Grandfathers can be so proud! :) I'm so sorry we'll miss you this weekend! Have a good time and a good trip back.



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