Saturday, July 19, 2008

Of Cats and Babies

At some point today Sierra threw up a hairball on our bed. I'm gonna take it as her being freaked out about the cleaning lady being here this afternoon as opposed to her being pissed off at us about this whole baby thing. Sierra's had it pretty easy so far, what with Donovan pretty much being a lump that we just carried around but didn't bother her much, instead providing her with all sorts of fun new sleeping spots (car seat, bassinet, stroller seat, bouncy chair, etc). She even often jumped up on our laps when we were holding D, or when I'd be nursing him, and seem for the most part oblivious of the baby right next to her.

But now D is getting more active, more curious... and extremely interested in Sierra. He'll watch her from across the room, engrossed. And I think it's starting to worry her. She still walks almost right by him when he's on the floor (I think those are times when we're lying on the floor, too, and her desire to try to get petted by us overrides any aversion to the babe). But she also seems to get a bit more worried about him when, say, we're all hanging out in bed in the morning or whatnot. Today I was holding D kinda close to her and she batted at his hand once (I don't think there were any claws present), which landed her a nice swat on the head from me. I've been kinda lax about the 2, so the incident this morning was a bit of a reality check and reminder never to leave the 2 unattended even briefly, especially as D transitions into being a bit more mobile (and Sierra a bit more of an interesting target).

Zach was off hiking today, went to the Valais with a couple visiting coworkers. He just got back a little bit ago, had a great time. Luckily D was in pretty good moods today so it wasn't a big deal to be on my own all day, and I know days out in nature have a very soothing effect on Zach so I'm glad it all worked out. Though I did tell him he may be on Donovan duty a lot of tomorrow. ; )

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