Saturday, July 05, 2008

We're Country, y'all

I went through a country music phase when I was younger, I think about 7/8/9th grades or so. I never got into the whole "kicker" look with boots or Wranglers or anything, but I got into country music. I became a big fan of Garth and Reba, Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney before he decided to become the next Jimmy Buffet. Sure, sometimes the songs were extremely depressing, but country also seemed to have the most beautiful love ballads. It is the only music genre that brings a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat on a fairly regular basis while listening to it. And the lyrics tended to be simple and clearly sung so that words were easily understood, and after just a few listens you'd be able to sing along making it great car music.

I later moved away from listening to country music much, other than when out two-stepping at Midnight Rodeo. However I tend to gravitate back to it on these trips back home to Texas. I don't know if it's just the local radio stations, but it seems whenever I turn one on about 50% of the songs are ones that I remember from my country music days. And, since the lyrics were simple to begin with, I'm still able to sing along to The Dance or Don't Take the Girl when they come on.

And so while I think I might only own 1 or 2 country CDs at the moment, and I listen to them almost never, there's this comfortable, warm fuzzy feeling I get from listening to the country music stations when we come here. It kinda feels like home.


  1. i'm not a country music fan, but "don't take the girl" makes me tear up every time i've heard it.

  2. I think an interesting side effect of living abroad is the things that you would have never ranked as especially important to you, and don't even really miss a lot - but when you're back 'home' they just FIT and give you that warm fuzzy feeling :)

  3. Oh, gosh, memories--one of my friends in college was a shot girl at Midnight Rodeo when it was still called Dallas! I was never much for country music myself--then I married a guy from Massachusetts who is a huge Willie Nelson fan! Go figure. I took him to the Broken Spoke when we went to Austin. He liked that.

  4. country music. gross (for the most part--I attest to a few jems). i remember your phase only too well; because of you and your morning music routine, I ALSO can sing along to The Dance and Don't Take the Girl if I ever hear it on the radio...and Going to the Big D and Don't Mean Dallas song.
    Girl at the Auction (or whatever the real song title is) is my fault, I'll admit...



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