Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another mantra to add to the list

I think one of the coolest parts of being a parent has got to be watching your kid learn new things and acquire new abilities. D's always been pretty good with tummy time, but in the beginning he'd only really be happy doing it for a couple minutes at a time (not that I can blame him... how much fun must it be to lay on your stomach when you can hardly lift your head or see anything?). Now he's a pro, and the past few days has even figured out how to bat at and grasp a toy in front of him while laying on his tummy (he even grabbed a toy and brought it up his mouth yesterday!), and will hang out on his belly for a good 5-10 minutes at a time, totally content.

His eyesight has also gotten so much better. Yesterday we were looking out the window and 3 people on horseback passed by in front of our house. I swear Donovan had his eyes glued to those horses! Then this morning I took a gamble and took a quick shower as he lay (on his tummy, looking at himself in the mirror!) on our bed (our shower doors are clear glass, and with the bathroom door open I had a straight shot at him). I was watching him as I washed my hair and at one point he looked over at me, paused, then broke out into a big smile. I assume that meant he could see and recognize me, even though I was a good 10 feet away at least. And when just a few months ago he couldn't focus on anything more than 10 inches from his face, well, I'd say that's pretty huge.

One of the last days that we were in Texas I took D to church with my parents. I had grown up in this church, baby-sitting for many of the children in that congregation, and I knew both my parents had been talking D up a storm to everyone and that they were anxious to get to meet him. When hearing that he was 5 months old, more than one person commented on what a fun age that is. And I'm glad they did, because I needed that reminder. That whole week D had started waking up every 2-3 hours at night, whether from travel fatigue or a growth spurt or teething I do not know. Either way, I was pretty exhausted, and when I'm sleep deprived like that I have a much harder time appreciating D's cute moments. I'm guessing that was a pretty huge factor in why it felt like it took me so long to really bond with him after he was born. But when I make myself really pay attention, my god he is incredible. And hilarious. And beyond adorable and fun.

Really, every month so far has been a pretty fun age. It's just that, as with most situations, some require a bit more work to find the fun parts than others.

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