Friday, July 25, 2008


Today I discovered the Digital Photography School forums, and, well, that's where a lot of today's free time went.

That, and creating myself a photo gallery on Imagekind. Not that I expect anyone to actually buy anything off there, out, you know, it's out there. In case anyone happens to come across it and be interested. It's free, can't hurt. ; )

Donovan and I had a good day today, he started doing this thing where he opens and closes his mouth as if he's chewing and he totally reminds me of an old man, and it's kind of hilarious. I got video of it, though I'm ridiculously behind on uploading videos to youtube so it might be a while. Hey, I finally am all caught up with putting up the trip (and subsequent) photos on flickr, so we're making progress, slowly but surely.

Tomorrow should be a fun, if perhaps long, day. We'll be spending the day up in Neuchatel, going to a friend's family farm to help celebrate a recent wedding. We'll then drive home after dinner, hope that the late evening doesn't disrupt D's sleeping patterns too badly, and then go greet Cristina at the airport Sunday morning! She'll be here for 2 weeks, yay!

And now I need to get myself to bed, b/c I keep staying up way too late after D goes to sleep, and that's a bad BAD habit that I really need to break.

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  1. Hi there - I'm a frequent reader of your blog and I love the pictures...keep up the good work!



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