Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slight Change of Plans

The discussion of when we'd be moving back to the US only just crossed from hypothetical to "Ok, what dates are we really talking about here?" a couple months ago. We were somewhat torn about it, but we eventually settled on a move-back date of November of this year, a time that seemed to work well for us personally as well as for Zach's current work projects.

Zach has been debating what his next career move would be, particularly for after the move. He'd talked about going for a MBA, either on the side or more full-time. He also was interested in a position that would soon be opening up in California (with the same company he works for now). As has often been the case for him, he felt pulled by different goals, some of which conflicted with each other.

One night while I was in Texas and he in California working for a few days, he called me with some news and an option. We were to discuss it briefly, think about it overnight, and then decide by morning. He'd been interviewing for that position at work, and the news was that his boss was about to offer it to him but with the disclaimer that it would mean moving back August 1 of this year-- much sooner than anticipated, just a mere 3 weeks after returning from our trip to Texas. As I thought about it, that date just seemed way too soon. We'd have to immediately start packing everything up. My parents and brother have also been planning a trip to visit us this September, and while I knew they'd still have a good trip without us there and my mom insisted not to let those plans influence our decision, I didn't feel right just up and leaving before then. Zach agreed with me, and so the August move date went off the table.

Zach then called me back the next night. He and his boss had talked some more and come up with a compromise-- a move-back date of mid/late September (after the family visits), with Zach spending 2 weeks in the US in August to help make up for the later start. I still didn't like this idea that much-- two weeks by myself with Donovan? The longest I've gone without Zach's help before was 5 days, and that had been hard enough. At the same time Zach had grown to really want this new opportunity at work, it seemed like the right "next step" for him, and if it's important enough for him then I want to be supportive even if that means making some immediate sacrifices (as I would expect him to do for me if I were faced with an opportunity that I felt I couldn't pass up). And aside from this initial 2 week trip away, this new job would mean less travel overall in the long-term.

So, long story short, Zach took the job. Our move-back date is tentatively set for September 19 of this year. He'll spend the first 2 weeks of August back in California. We've arranged to use frequent flyer miles to get my sister to come over to visit us at that time-- she'll be here 2 weeks, overlapping with Zach 1 week and then keeping me and D company the next. I'll only have 1 week on my own, which barring health disasters or crappy baby moods should be doable, especially if I get better at asking for help from the many friends who have offered it.

In some ways it's a bit of a shock to think we have less than 3 months left here, that we need to start making preparations for the move pretty soon, to think of everything that will need to be done in the following months. But having also just returned from spending time with family, and longing to do so more often, this does feel like the right thing to do.

Also? This means D gets to spend his first Halloween in the US. Meaning I get to dress him up in a cute costume. Random, I know, but I honestly was a little bit sad thinking of a Nov 1 moving date, as that would've meant we would've just missed the holiday, which is one of my favorites. =P


  1. That is exciting! And so weird, because our tentative move date is September 20! Seems like a good time to move :)

  2. YAY!!! (for me. I can't wait!!)

  3. Wow! Can't believe it's coming so soon - but sounds like a great situation for you guys. :) I'm glad I got to come see you all before the move!

  4. Well I guess that means we won't be able to meet when we next go to CH, but maybe we can meet in the US :)

    Where will you be in CA? We go a few times per year to see family.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. I am just catching up on my reading after vacation but wanted to say congrats and good luck!

    Moving home is so bittersweet, isn't it? Even though I am positive we did the right thing, I still get pangs of missing England, sometimes more than others. Guess that will always be there.



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