Friday, July 18, 2008

If only Geneva were like this every day....

I did go out last night, met up with the other moms at Cafe Cuba. It's good to have a reason to get dressed up and go out every once in a while. I got to talk to some moms that I haven't seen at the group in a while, and overall I'm pretty glad I went. Didn't stay out very late, I was home by about 11:30pm, just in time to get ready for bed and then give D a feeding as he woke up. I've been developing a bad habit of staying up that late anyway, just with dinner and spending time with Zach and then internetting and all, so I didn't really lose much potential sleep, even.

Zach and I had appointments to go see the dentist this afternoon. He took off half the day from work and we went down there with D, marveling at what a gorgeous day today was. You really come to appreciate the sun when at least half the days are spent in dreary rain. I am happy to report that my teeth are in good condition, though my gums not so much, and predictably it kinda hurt to eat for the next few hours just from general soreness. Oh well. Not that I've been that diligent with dental health the past, oh 5 months (hmm wonder why).

Afterwards we hung out by the water a bit, sat at one of the stands along Quai de Mont Blanc and had a drink while D napped in his stroller, watching the alternately luxe and Euro-white trash crowds walk by (most notable was a group of 3 young women dressed to, uh, impress, with one of them wearing a loosely-crocheted white tank with nothing underneath). Eventually we figured we should be heading back home, but not before attempting a quick COOP grocery run while I tried to entertain D (who was growing less pleased with the situation as time went on, but then seemed satisfied chewing on a bag of granola).

And now, the kiddo is asleep and we're enjoying a lovely dinner that Zach made and trying to ignore the horde of flies that is trying to take over our house (god I miss screened windows and doors, I don't care that they're uglier). All in all, a pretty good Friday, I'd say. Well, you know, despite the time sent in the torture dentist chair.

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