Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whoa, TWO outings into Geneva in one day?

I took D into town today to meet up with the girls for lunch. He did pretty well on the bus rides there and back, always a relief. We got into town a bit early so I stopped by a toy store and bought him some more fun wooden toys and a couple of these cute plush toys that and go on his wrist. I put them on the lap bar of his stroller and he had quite a time playing with them through the first part of lunch. He then started getting tired and upset, and so we left, proving that my decision to eat at home and not order anything at the cafe had been a wise one.

The mothers group I go to has their monthly ladies night out tonight. I'm exhausted and probably should stay home so I can go to bed, but I have yet to make it out to one of these nights (the last 3 have taken place while Zach was out of town), and my last chance to get out on my own was about 6 weeks ago for SAtC (well, ok, not counting a few opportunities in Texas), so I feel like I really should go to this one. Though I doubt I'll stay very long. The kiddo might be waking up around 11 or midnight, so...

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