Sunday, July 13, 2008

happy go lucky

We've had a pretty nice weekend, in spite of all the rain. Celine and Laurent stopped by with little Arthus this afternoon so we took a walk with them around the village. It was good catching up with Celine, trading notes on our little ones. Arthus is 1 month younger than D, and was born 1-2 lbs smaller, but has just about caught up with him size-wise. It's fun to see them actually notice each other and take interest, as at first D seemed totally oblivious of this other baby in the past. It's a shame that we won't get to see our boys grow up a bit more together, but hopefully (weather-permitting) we'll have a couple visits to the pool together before we leave.

D has been in such great moods this week... I keep waiting for it to change. The world seems so much more interesting and enthralling to him now that he's able to interact with it more. Our neighbors offered to lend us a walker that they bought for one of their grandkids a couple years ago, and I bet D would love it but alas I just don't feel comfortable letting him cruise on wheels on these smooth wood and stone floors.

We're still battling sleep issues. I'm wondering if I should step in to try to instill some sort of a sleep shcedule for him, or continue sitting back and letting him do his thing. His naps are all over the place-- still usually the same length (about 45 mins) but sometimes he seems exhausted after just 1 hour of being awake and other times goes 2 or 3 hours with no problems. I also wonder if I should try to phase out or spread out night feedings at all, or leave it alone (I don't expect him to sleep 12 hours without eating, but surely he should be able to go more than 3-4 hours between night feeds?).

We've been opening the doors more often on days when it's nice, which is great except it means that flies are coming into the house. Flies that then buzz around your head. And land on your arm. And shoulder. And then in your hair. And they're really, really, really annoying. And unfortunately I'm terrible at wielding a fly swatter. At least they only live a few days at a time...


  1. Don't you have a cat?

    Occasionally I have to remind my cats they have one job in the house -- catch the bugs. They usually do a pretty good job of it. And flies are their favorite. They can catch them in midair.

    And just continue as is with Donovan. He's healthy and happy!

  2. Hi again! My oldest son didn't like to sleep through the night - 2 to 3 hours tops at a time. Very irritating for the mommy. As he started to get older and could have "real" food, the sleep improved. He stayed full longer. Hopefully you'll find the same.

    Here's a tip for the flies. My mother-in-law lives outside of Geneva and she hung a sheer curtain over each window and that cut the bugs WAY back and still let in air. She has also made a curtain of window screen, adding weights to the bottom to keep the curtain in place. You might have a hard time finding this material where you are, but maybe you can improvise. Good luck!
    Teresa - Utah

  3. Did you take that sleep book back that your mom had? It starts talking about techniques for 6 months and older, I think. Solve Your Child's Sleep Problem.

    It was a magic book for us; I wish I had read it when R was 6 months old rather than 14 months old.



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