Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yay for Blue Skies

Zach was still home this morning when D woke up, so we got to have a bit of family time before getting our day started. I then took advantage of the opportunity and took a shower while Zach and Donovan hung out on the bed. Sneaking glances at them, they looked heartbreakingly adorable, Zach smiling down at D and D reaching up and touching his daddy's face with his fingers. But then D noticed me off to the side and fixed his gaze on me... and wouldn't look away. I don't know if it was him starting to get hungry or what, but it was cute and also a bit unnerving at the same time, having him just stare me down. I guess he knows him mommy (and food source) when he sees her.

The morning revealed a gorgeous blue, cloudless sky. This was not an opportunity to be missed. The baby talk group has started meeting up at different parks in town, so I figured I'd get out of the house with D and get some time playing in the grass while chatting with other moms. Turned out the other moms were busy. We showed up a little after 10am, which was still on the early-ish side so I figured I'd wait a bit and others would show (the official meeting time is 10a-12p). I found us a spot in the shade and spread out our blanket and Donovan seemed to have a fun time of hanging out looking at the grass and trees and things. We then walked around in the park a bit, and then he ate, and soon it was just past 11am and still no one was around. So I started walking towards the exit, and that's when I ran into Sarah with her kiddoes, Nila and Jonas. So I stuck around chatting with her for a bit, which was nice, She's the one that I met on my first time to go to the baby talk group, and we shared a due date, Jonas was born I think just 1 week after Donovan. She's a really warm and welcoming person, also very down-to-earth and, well, the kind of person that, if we were staying here longer, and if we lived a little closer together (she lives a little ways into France), I could easily see becoming good friends with. We had a good time hanging out and had lunch together at the cafe next to the playground, and then D started getting fussy and needing a nap so I brought us on home.

I suspect that D might be having some teething pains again, though they seem to come and go throughout the day (the past 2 days it's seemed to bother him most in the early afternoon...?). I swear I feel a hard lump right under one of the spots on his gums where his first teeth should be coming up, but I have no idea what that really means. The great thing is he now can hold his own teethers, so that helps a good bit, although I've also tried giving them to him chilled and he doesn't seem to like that at all. I also have some teething gel and teething tablets (as well as good ole baby Tylenol), and while I'm not crazy about the idea of using medication on him especially for something that has no clear end in sight, it's nice to at least have the options there in case he really needs it.

Zach actually came home from work kinda early today, and the weather was still gorgeous outside, so we decided to test our luck and take the kiddo next door for a dinner out on the patio. I figured he'd done so well this morning at the park, he might continue being in good spirits. Unfortunately he kinda got cranky, I think from a combination of tiredness and sore gums, and so I ate quickly while Zach tried to entertain him, and then I brought him back home to get ready for bed. Oh well, it was worth a try, and that is part of the benefit of the restaurant being right next door. I think the baby monitor might even work out on their patio, so we may try to go over sometime after D's gone to bed.

Speaking of going to bed, it's time I did the same.

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  1. embrace the tylenol - don't be afraid of it!!!


    I look at it like this: I take out the advil to get rid of a headache, no sense in letting the kid suffer with one. I am careful with the proper dose, but there have been many times that tylenol and motrin have gotten us through a night of high fevers without a trip to the ER.



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