Thursday, July 03, 2008

More updates from ATX

Last night after D went to bed Zach and I met up with my sisters and dad at the new Chuy's down south. Zach was worried that the food and ambiance wouldn't compare to the original, but I think I may actually like this Chuy's better. Same yummy food, no parking hassles, and a super cute outdoor waiting area that almost makes you forget you're in the middle of a huge strip mall. Earlier that afternoon we went to the mall with Hank and Susan, who got to push D around in his stroller while Zach and I shopped, then went by Butch & Sarah's to go see their 6-week-old baby, Allotis (I think that's how it's spelled). Brandon and Kara also stopped by while we were there. It's fun to get to catch up with people, even if it's just for an hour or 2. Kara's business has been taking off like mad over the past few years, which is awesome (Brandon has now left his engineering job, as well, to work for her). I'm debating asking her to make me a diaper bag. ; )

We then got home and were about to get to bed, expecting the little one to wake up maybe around midnight (it was 11pm) but as I walked into the room to climb into bed I heard this little cry coming from his pack-n-play. From then on through the night he woke every 2 hours. He'd eat and go back to sleep relatively easily, but still... every. two. hours. I think that really is a first for him, even as a newborn I don't think he went less than 3 hours between night feedings. I have no idea what the deal was, but I hope it doesn't last. He was actually sleeping up to 9 hours at a time last week, and I think I then messed him up with 2 late nights and the trip to East Texas, as that's when his sleep started going to pot all over again. I had hoped to go see The Hudsons play tonight, but I think I need to first make sure I get D to bed early, in hopes of helping him sleep better, and possibly then get to bed myself. That's the problem with baby's early bedtime-- it's great having some time after he goes to bed to do your own thing, but if you do so then you're missing out on that precious sleep. Then again I also need to take better advantage of having grandparents eager to watch him so I can go take a decent nap (that whole sleep-when-baby-sleeps thing works great... as long as your baby is actually taking substantial naps himself. I'm still waiting for his naps to consolidate into longer-than-45-min stretches. Then again they say that happens once nighttime sleep settles into more consistent, longer patterns, which we have no signs of yet, either, sooo...).

The rest of the family get back from East Texas today. Zach just left to go play some golf with Andrew. I have no set plans for the day yet, though maybe I'll call Jenny and try going to Target again. I've gone there twice so far and spent close to $600 so far this trip. Zach's rethinking whether moving back would actually save us any money after all...

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  1. i'll bet target is glad to have you back. :)



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