Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Perfect Sunday

We've had a good bit of gorgeous, sunny weather lately, which has been incredible and wonderful and I hope it continues. Zach hung out with Donovan most of the morning, bringing him to me for feedings but otherwise letting me have a bit of time to myself. It was quite nice, let me tell you... Then he and I took D on a walk early this afternoon and got to watch storm clouds roll in and the wind pick up, it was really cool watching the clouds gather and change, and then we got home about 10 minutes before the downpour started. The crazy thing was then after maybe half an hour of hard rain, it stopped and the sun came back out again. It was like a Texas storm.

Jonathan and Jessica came by for "tea" (really, orange banana juice and apricot pecan cake-- the juice made and brought by them, the cake imported by us from the Collin Street Bakery) right around the time the storm broke. We had a great time catching up with them, as usual, talking about their recent wedding, her trip to Sardigna, their move to Texas next year and how great it'll be to see them when we go home to visit other family. Next weekend we should be going to his family's farm for a post-wedding celebration, something I'm really looking forward to (despite the potential for trouble that accompanies attempted travel with an infant).

Then in the evening Celine, Laurent, and little Arthus stopped by for dinner. We set Arthus and Donovan down on the floor facing each other, and it was absolutely adorable watching them study each other's faces. I got plenty of pictures, don't worry, and a short video, too. We all took turns juggling our respective babies as they turned from cheerful to more sour moods, switching back and forth from English to French as the conversations went on. It was a great dinner and I hope we're able to do this again before we leave. Celine and Laurent mentioned wanting to do a family vacation out in California, and it would be wonderful if they did so as I'd love to see them out there and I do hope we keep in touch.
Today is the 20th, meaning we now have just under 2 months left here. I've started making a list of electronics that we need to get rid of, since they won't work in the US, and am trying to think of what else we can do to prepare now, as I know time will only fly by from here on out. I will post that list here, as well as send it on to a few groups of friends here, in hopes of coming across someone who may happen to be moving to Geneva right around the time we leave and will want our stuff (gosh that would be nice).

It still seems surreal to think that we soon won't be living here anymore. I will be sad to leave, and am motivated to make plans to see friends here more often in the next several weeks. Today was just so nice, catching up with friends, and soon we'll be half a world away from all these wonderful people.



    He's rather confused, isn't he?

    "Where'd you find this, Ma? Kind of looks like that other guy, the one in the mirror, but different. And not as flat. What is it?"

  2. All they need is a wall, and they'd be a Peanuts cartoon.



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