Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over the Moon

Donovan continues to be absolutely adorable and absolutely adored. The other day we took him to visit his great-grandparents, and they were overjoyed to get to meet their great-grandson (especially as he was wearing s UT shirt in their honor =P ). D really has been in such a great mood this week, it's awesome, shooting smiles off here and there. He did get a bit whiney yesterday afternoon, but I suspect his gums might be bugging him again... and Grampa Hank said he thought he could feel something hard on his bottom gum, so perhaps he might be getting close to cutting his first tooth? Would be a fun milestone to have with his family here. =)

As D is seeming to become more comfortable with all these new people in his life, he's spending more time in their arms and I may soon attempt a shopping trip or 2 while leaving him with grandparents and aunts, etc, for an hour or 2.

We're currently waiting for D to wake up and for my mom to get back, and then we may take him down to the pool for his first swim!! I hope he likes the water. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of him in his little swim trunks and straw cowboy hat. =P

Then tomorrow we're off to East Texas for the weekend for a family reunion, where D will meet the rest of his aunts and uncles (yes, kiddo, there's EVEN MORE of them).

I am in such a wonderful place right now. It's so wonderful and fun being here with my family, and sharing little D with them, and seeing how in love they are with him. Yesterday 4 of D's 5 grandparents were hanging out here with him, and they were all remembering and singing songs from their youth and Captain Kangaroo tv shows, and it was just such a neat moment. And even though those first few nights after arriving I don't think I got more than 4-5 hours of sleep, combined (I refused to actually tally them up), I still felt pretty good, just loving being here. We had a great night last night, though, he slept for 9 hours straight and then let me slept in an extra hour or 2 after that. I guess we're tiring him out or something. ; )

It's funny, I think those difficult moments and days may serve other purposes, as well, as while obviously I still love him to bits even when he's screaming at me all day long, during these times when he's happy and sweet and wonderful I find myself just gazing at him in wonder and being in total awe of him and his beauty.


  1. Ryan says she is going to teach him to scribble and plans to pack paper for that purpose

  2. baby swimming, so cute! i hope he enjoys the water!

  3. I an't wait to see pics! Good to hear you are having such an awesome time.



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