Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Four Months and GNO

D had his 4-month check-up yesterday afternoon (can you believe he's 4 months old?). The dr told us that his blood had shown some levels of these certain kinds of antibodies that tend to be present when there's an allergic reaction, which gives a bit of evidence for a dairy allergy, so we're continuing on with that course. D got 2 shots, and really the numbing patches they gave us to put on his legs seemed to do diddly squat so we probably won't bother with them next time.

After the appointment I figured it might be fun to go use a gift certificate we have to a local baby store to buy D a fun Happy-4-Month-Birthday-Sorry-for-the-Vaccines gift or 2. I was worried about how he'd do, but I figured worst case scenario, we rushed back home. He cried in the car on the way to the store, then fell asleep, stayed asleep almost the whole time that I was in the store, woke up as I was paying, with a big smile on his face, whimpered a bit on the drive home but was mostly quiet (asleep again?), and once at home I put some of his new toys in front of him and didn't even have to take him out of the car-seat b/c he was so happy in there (if he's happy, don't move 'im). I think he stayed there for a good 20+ minutes.

He stayed relatively happy the rest of the afternoon with me, even permitting me to get my makeup done ahead of time as I waited for Zach to get home from work. He came it a little before 6pm, I quickly fed and put D down for a nap, got dressed, and was out the door a little before 6:30. Woot! Unfortunately D's mood seemed to have ended there, he woke up about 10 mins after I left and cried for 2 hours before going to bed at 8:30, having refused any bottles again. But then after those 2 horrid hours the kid stayed asleep so all in all Zach kinda got off easy. ; )

I arrived at the Alhambar a little before 7pm, and most everyone was there already-- all 20-something of them. The Geneva Housewives group really has exploded recently. I had fun chatting with the girls, catching up, sipping cocktails (Hillary documented me drinking, I expect to see the pictures shortly =P). We then headed down the block for the movie, set to start at about 8:30pm. I think there were maybe 3 guys in the theatre.

I don't want to say much about it as I know I hate when a movie gets talked up to the sky and then by the time I go see it my expectations are so high that there's no way it can measure up. But as a huge fan of Sex and the City and all things Carrie Bradshaw (and, really, all things Sarah Jessica Parker... You had me at " ...and I love to dance"), this movie did not disappoint. I'm sure there will be sequels, as long as they can get the girls to all agree to it again (I'm sure the execs would want to milk this for all its worth, seeing as SATC is such a huge brand name by now), and I'll be eager to see what they come up with next. This may be one of those movies that I can watch over and over again and still adore every time.

I got home at a little after midnight, and luckily the kid went easy on me-- after a 2:30am wakeup, he let me sleep until 6:30 before waking up again. And today went fairly smoothly. The other thing we discussed at the pediatrician's yesterday is that he thinks I'm feeding D too often, esp with having reflux he says it's better for him to get some time between meals where his tummy is empty, so he should be going at least 2, if not 3-4, hours between feedings. There have been days lately where it's been more like every 1-1.5hrs, partially b/c I've resorted to using the boob as a pacifier when he's upset). So while I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the process of extending his between-feeding times, it actually is kind of a relief to have someone tell me, "This is what you should do," and work towards it, rather than second-guessing myself constantly, and it would be nice to have him not have to eat so often during the day as it would give me a bit more freedom. Anyway, so today I made sure we went 2 hours at least, and then I'll be trying to extend the times out by 10-15 minutes increments each day over a week or so and see how it goes.

I think tomorrow I'll attempt going into town for the baby talk group, I haven't gone in about a month. It might depend on the weather... if it's pouring I may not want to bother, but we'll see. It be nice to get the 2 of us out of the house.


  1. I am glad the 4 month appt went well! Did he get weighed? I can't wait to see how much Finn weighs when we take him for his 4 month checkup next week!

    And, I love Girls Just Want To Have Fun, that is the best movie!

  2. oh how different our Sex and the City experiences your 3 guys in the theater, I raise you ABOUT 100!

    I swear in a house that must have been about 250 seats, a good third if not half were gay men, INCLUDING an obnoxious group of 30--FIVE of which were in the line one hour ahead of screening time which is when we stepped in (my group being made up of 5 gay guys, 3 girls, and one straight guy--boyfriend of one of the girls). If we hadn't gotten our nine happy ducks in a row, I would have NOT been a happy camper...but Samantha got some thunderous male applause at her first appearance on-screen, so I guess it was worth something...but really, it was a fabulous experience and could only have been trumped by watching it with my college gals, with whom I got to know this series!

    I'm glad D is good~his Crazy Legs were previewed at work today, to many an eager audience :)



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