Sunday, June 01, 2008

Needing several spoonfuls of sugar...

Donovan's current daily medications:

-Eye drops, 1 in each eye, 3x a day, for one week (though the goop is already cleared up quite a bit)
-Acid reflux medicine #1, given once a day. Astonishingly, the one type of medicine available for this actually comes in a pill form, which I have to cut in half and then let dissolve in water inside a syringe and then squirt into his mouth.
-Acid reflux meds #2 (also to help with digestion in general, I think), 9 drops given by mouth 3x a day.
-Vitamin D, 4 drops given by mouth once a day (this one's started from 1 week old and shall be given till we move to sunny California and don't need it anymore, I imagine).

Results from doping the poor kid up with all these meds: we've had NO blood in the poop since Thursday or Friday, and nothing more than teensy spots that I only noticed b/c I inspected every dirty diaper (the joys of motherhood, y'all!), since Tuesday. Yay!

However, he's been very very unhappy ever since Friday morning, after we started giving acid reflux med #2. I don't know if it's related, but one has to wonder. Friday was kind of the worst, I think, since then it's been more of a constant high-pitched whining as opposed to outright screaming, but he's been needing to be held and entertained about 95% of his awake time lately. He did spend a good 20-30 minutes playing quite happily at his playmat earlier this evening that was VERY encouraging. But, yeah, it's been kinda rough. We're going in for his 4-month check-up on Tuesday and I'll ask them about this. He's been more difficult the past few weeks, and he's had days like this, but it's only been about one day a week before, and we've now had 3 in a row. I'm kind of dreading how tomorrow will go, when I won't have Zach to help out.

In other news... I bought a new sling today. I'm pretty excited about it. I've kinda wanted to try a ring sling but felt silly buying one since we already have 2 pouch slings and a wrap. But then I kept hearing about these solarveil mesh slings, that can be worn in the water with your baby, and, well, it sounds like a good thing to have esp for our upcoming trip to TX. So I get to try out the ring style, as well as have a more secure way to hold Donovan when going swimming and wanting to take him into the pool with me, and it should also be a cooler version to use in the Texas heat anyway.

Well, the kiddo appears to be asleep and thus I should get to bed, too. G'night.


  1. those slings seem so cool -- i've seen many of them for sale on etsy.

  2. I have one of these and love it! I still like the pouch sling, but the mesh on these is much better in Texas summers.

  3. I have that same sling. I love it!!!

  4. Our peditrician recommends breast fed babies get Vitamin D (Tri Vi Sol drops) even here in CA. I guess because they aren't supposed to be in the direct sunlight anyway. It will be nice to you have you guys back here, whenever that is, so all our munchkins can play together.



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