Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have often heard (and repeated) the sentiment that any decent entrepreneur could make such a killing coming to Geneva and selling a whole slew of items that are otherwise impossible to find here, for no good reason.

I remember a friend here who was starting yoga classes, and she asked where she could buy some yoga clothes for the class. She was told that no one in Geneva sells yoga clothes. Seriously. Another friend, a fellow mom, and I were recently talking about the sad dearth of decent nursing bra options in the local stores. There's, like, one brand that you can find, and it's been around since my friend's mom was shopping for these things.

The latest one to completely baffle me was D's reflux medicine. He's on one type of medication to help with overall digestion, and this stuff is easy enough to administer-- a few drops on a spoon, and give by mouth. Cool. The other stuff, the stuff that more specifically treats acid reflux, comes in pill form.

A pill. For babies.

When our pediatrician was telling us about it, he sounded exasperated yet defeated, as if to say, "I know, it's ridiculous that this is the only medication of its type that's available here, but what are you gonna do?" So I have to take this pill and cut it in half (the pharmacy provided me with a handy-dandy pill-cutting contraption for $8), and then dissolve it in a syringe with 2ml of water. The pill dissolves into these tiny beads which are the active ingredient. Unfortunately there's something about these little beads that causes D to gag and cough every.single.time I give it to him, which thankfully is only once a day. But yeah, I kinda hate giving him this stuff. We're under instructions to stop it 1 week before his 5 month check-up, so we can see how he does without it, and then assess if he needs to continue taking it or not. So we have about 2 more weeks of doing this and then get a break.

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  1. I was shocked when I was in Paris two weekends ago at the number of stores and stuff available (shopping heaven)! I think I forget how small Geneva really is (as a city, and thus in terms of what is available). Of course it also took 1hr30min to get from the airport in Paris to downtown, as opposed to the 20 min it took me in Geneva, so I'm not 100% sure the bigger city is really worth it :)



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