Monday, June 23, 2008

No Place Like Home... even including the severe jet lag

So we're here. We made it. The trip was long, but D was SO GREAT the whole way. I think the flight crew of our Paris-Atlanta flight may be putting together a We Love Donovan Fan Club. The moment of the "great reveal", whereupon I wheeled D's stroller backwards, so they wouldn't get a peek at D until the dramatic moment when I whipped it around right in front of the huge crowd of our families waiting, and the gasps, joyful cries, and misty eyes that followed, were all priceless.

And even now D's been doing great considering how confused his little body must feel, and that he didn't really get much of a "night" of sleeping last night, though right now he's been asleep for I think 1.5 hours and I may need to wake him up soon so he can he can hopefully sleep ok tonight. But he's been a trooper, or maybe he's just a ham, all the attention he was getting at the airport, with about 10 people standing all around him oohing and aahing? Oh, he just ate it right up. LOVED it.

My dad came over today and gave D some gifts he'd gotten him from his recent trip to Chile and Argentina. Included in the loot was a shirt that reads, "Si tus papis dicen no... 0800-Abuelo" (if your parents say no, 1-800-Grampa), and a book titled Soy un Hermano Mayor (I'm a Big Brother). Nice hint, huh? I think it's safe to say he's reveling in his role as Abuelito.

We all went to Central Market today to have lunch, and then as we shopped for groceries Daddy wheeled D around in his stroller to help him fall asleep. It was all quite cute. Tonight one of Zach's old friends from childhood is coming over with his wife and toddler son. The difference in age between D and their son is almost exactly the same as between Zach and his friend. Perhaps they'll one day play little league together.

It is almost 6pm here, so 1am in CH? I'm exhausted. But I got some basic shopping items done (Zach is thrilled that I picked up a bottle of 500 aspirin tablets for $4, can't wait to show this incredible bargain off at the Geneva office), and will hope that tonight D sleeps well, and thus lets us do the same. I'll try to write a more thorough re-cap of the flights, etc, later... sometime.


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    welcome home! glad to hear the plane trip went well and that D was a perfect passenger!


  2. Glad to hear things went well. Is that a Patemm pad that D is on in your side bar? Cute!

  3. I am so glad it went well, I told you it would :) Enjoy your time at home!

  4. YAY !!! I'm happy that things went well. Enjoy home! I missed central market :) Anyway, I know that you are not in CA but I feel closer already:) - we are going to see Zach tomorrow - so excited! Enjoy!!!

  5. I'm so happy the trip went so well for you guys. You give me hope that little Madeleine will be okay when we fly out next week. :)



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