Friday, June 20, 2008

It seems so... un-Swiss

Ok, I know I've been double-blogging a lot lately, but Zach just came home from a trip to the grocery store with a story that I HAVE to share. But first, some background set-up:

We were both kinda shocked, or at least raised an eyebrow or 2, when we first went to a farmer's market here. In California it seemed like most stands were pretty conscious about germs and things, and there would often be a single person handling money, and others would be dealing with the food, and thus wouldn't cross-contaminate. Here, it seemed the guy working the booth would choose and bag your apples, take your money, and blow his nose, all with no gloves on his hands, and well, whatever, right?

Today Zach wanted to pick up some fish for dinner tonight, as we have our neighbors coming over. Normally we just choose the pre-packaged stuff, but this time he actually went to the butcher counter. The lady working it was at least wearing gloves, but he said she came out holding a couple (raw) steaks, set them down, then helped Zach pick out his fish, packaged it, sealing it carefully, and then handed it to Zach with a, "Bonne journee!"

Without ever stopping to her hands.

And the best part? Zach was just kinda like, "Eh," and went off to go pick out some fruit.

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