Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY, come back when we've moved.

Zach let me sleep in an extra hour or 2 this morning after D woke up. It was very nice. I didn't get much of a break the rest of the day.

The morning did not go too well. Mr Grumpy Pants seemed to be back, in full force. I did get him to take a good nap (just under an hour) but it took 30 minutes of rocking/bouncing/singing and then I gave up and put him in his bouncy chair, all wrapped up, and rocked the chair with my foot and he slept.... with me needing to rock him the entire time.

And I had the feeling that if we stayed at home all day I'd go nuts. So despite the return of this crappy June rain (WHERE IS MY SUMMER WEATHER??), I packed him up in the car and drove out to the mall up the highway. He was pretty calm in the stroller for most of the time, only starting to cry towards the end when I was close to being done with the things I'd wanted to do there anyway (I was actually in the midst of trying on some Birkenstock sandals, perhaps it was him expressing his opinion of them?). I could tell he was just tired, and sure enough by the time I was heading back to the car he'd passed the fussing stage and gone into the quiet, drowsy, can-barely-keep-my-eyes-open stage, and so I was tempted to stick around and do some more window shopping, but also didn't want to risk it and it's so nice when he just sleeps in the car so I headed back home.

We had some good moments in the afternoon, but he was pretty grumpy a lot of the time... and he was spitting up a lot again. Which has been happening more in the past few days. I didn't get a chance to do so today, but tomorrow I'll try to call the pediatrician and ask him about the dosage for his reflux meds, if they need to be upped (he told us to call if we continued having problems). Unfortunately I've also noticed his skin looking a bit splotchy and red in places, and the other day he had a small rash on his jaw, which can be one of the signs for a food allergy, and I'm wondering if he's having a reaction to something else now and that might also be causing some of the spitting up (and the grumpy moods). Maybe the sheep's milk yogurt doesn't agree with him after all, or it could be any of the other commonly allergenic foods like eggs or nuts (had some almonds the other day), or wheat (PLEASE GOD DON'T LET IT BE WHEAT I don't think I could give up my other main food group that tends to be the base of my entire diet). Boo. I am not even going to mention chocolate, as he is not allowed to be allergic to chocolate. If I can't have Swiss ice cream I NEED to have my Swiss dark chocolate. Seriously, it's become a compulsion. I have a couple bars of chocolate in the kitchen and at least a couple times a day I go and break off a little square of it and snack. I've tried to stop myself. It's not possible. It's my one indulgence since so many other yummy snacky sweets are off-limits to me now.

D went to bed about 15 minutes ago. Which means I need to get to bed soon, too, as who knows what tonight will bring? Sleep? Oh, one can only hope....

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