Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm an Idiot

We woke up at 7am this morning to go get my mom from the airport and as I'm checking the flight times to look for delays I realize that I made a mistake when looking at her flight schedule-- Mom leaves today, so only gets here tomorrow (Saturday) morning.


(Of course the worrier in me is going to worry now about me being wrong again and Mom actually being at the airport right now waiting for us, and it's 1am back home so I can't call to double-check with them directly.)


  1. CDNSarah12:03 AM

    woohoo! one more night alone with hubby!!

  2. I always ask my guest to forward me the itinerary directly from the airline. I store it in an e-mail folder entitled "Travel Itineraries." It gives me the dates, flight numbers and arrival times. That way I can double-check more easily. And I can also log onto the airline's website and track their progress.

    It's nice because then I know whether the flight is running late, on-time or early. (Note: most transatlantic flights into Zurich land early. Sometimes as much as an hour early.)

    Hm. Does that make me compulsively organized?

  3. You're not an idiot--it's called "pregnancy brain"! And it goes away, I promise ;-).

  4. The step dad - We were still up this morning at 2 am packing and trying to make everything fit. I droped your mom by the airport right on time. After I left she called saying she'd be delayed. Going through paris now. you won't have to get up so early.

  5. you know what that means! Another night to cuddle!

    Hey it is better that you were one day too early then one day TOO LATE! It would have been sad to have had your mom waiting at the airport!



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