Monday, January 28, 2008

cold & flu season strikes again

The past few days I've been dealing with a sore throat that comes on in the evening and lasts through part of the morning, then for some reason recedes a bit during the day. I figured maybe it was the beginning of seasonal allergies, since I used to experience similar symptoms in California spring and fall, but today I woke up with more congestion and a cough and finally gave in to the notion that I might just have another cold. Zach may have the weak stomach, but I sure seem to be more susceptible to the sniffles than he is...

I rested most of the morning, sipping some tea as I surfed the interweb, then in the afternoon I met up with Celine, a somewhat new pregnant friend (she's about 4-6 weeks behind me, I think) whose mom lives here in the village. She, her mom, and I took a walk, and then Celine and I had some tea here at the house and chatted about baby stuff and preparations. It was nice. =) We still need to arrange a dinner with her and our husband sometime... In the small world of our village, I met Celine through another local introducing me to her mom, but it also turns out that Celine's father-in-law is Jean-Pierre, the man who oversaw the renovations of our house. This makes me quite curious to meet Celine's husband, since Jean-Pierre is quite a character and it'd be fun to see what his son is like.

For being 39 weeks pregnant I still feel surprisingly comfortable and well, although I'm definitely noticing a lowering of my energy supplies. I recently went grocery shopping and even though it was the only thing I did all day I found myself feeling slightly lightheaded at times as I shopped, and I just get tired out easily in general. I'm planning on going to the baby talk group tomorrow (since I haven't been since before the holidays, and may not have a chance again for a while depending on what Loki's plans are) and then maybe go look at some strollers (we're currently planning on buying one in March when our expat allowance kicks back in for the new year) but I'll have to see how I'm feeling as the day goes on, I guess.

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