Saturday, January 19, 2008


Being pregnant while living abroad, I had pretty much given up on the idea of getting a baby shower. I don't think it's really a tradition over here, we're too far away from our friends and family in the US, etc etc etc. I knew that going into it, and was ok with it. As we started making more friends here I'd thought once or twice that perhaps they'd want to do something for us, but I never really gave it more thought than that and didn't expect anything, really.

So imagine my surprise when what I thought was a wii night at Sophia and Tyler's last night was actually my surprise baby shower. =)

baby shower

Zach was in on it, and as we were walking towards the party he even came out and said something about how he felt bad that we hadn't had a baby shower for me... and then we get to their front door and there's baby wrapping paper decorating it, and, well, yeah. =)

baby showerbaby shower

It was a great night, fairly low-key, no cheesy games. =P There was different foods there but I think all I ate all night long were Sara's cupcakes. I don't even wanna think about how many I had... they were just so delicious. And, there were presents, adorable and beautiful presents that I'm very grateful for. I got some really cute and warm sweaters and clothes that will be very useful in these remaining winter months, one of Jessica's bookmark books and a baby book that had all of us cracking up, a bumbo seat (I think these things are so cool... I guess we'll see if Loki agrees), and some other goodies. Yay! Click here for more pictures.

My friends rock. =)


  1. Monika10:39 AM

    I'm so happy for the baby shower!!! yay! we have the bumbo seat. Audrey has mixed feelings about it. But it is very helpful to have her sit in it while I do things fast in the kitchen. Lately has been funny because she will try her hardest sometimes to pull herself out from it :) can't wait to see and meet Loki!

  2. How fun! I wasn't fond of the whole shower idea myself, but I loved the idea of a party, so our friends threw a BBQ, but with baby presents. It's a neat way to celebrate the babe's arrival. What a great surprise for you.

  3. llkirstiebean9:28 PM

    Wow! What awesome gifts! Your friends have great taste.

  4. saraahh12:37 AM

    awesome! that's the best feeling ever.



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