Thursday, January 17, 2008


One of the things that scares me the most about becoming a mom is that I procrastinate way too much, and sometimes with important stuff.

I got a message from my mom the other day. She'll be flying out here Feb 1 to help with Loki. Her bags are already packed, just in case he comes early and she then decides to fly out earlier than scheduled. Meanwhile, my labor bag is sitting up in our room, half-packed. It's like I've been avoiding finishing that simple task, partially b/c I really don't know what to pack (how do I know what I'll need or find comforting for an event that I have never experienced before?) and partially b/c maybe I'm hoping if I don't finish I won't go into labor yet. Which is nuts, b/c since when do kids wait till it's convenient to do stuff??

Although the thing that's really wigging me out now and that I'm kicking myself for not looking into earlier is what it'll take to register Loki's birth, both for Switzerland and with the US consulate, and then to get him a passport. We have a certified copy of our marriage license, but I do not have a copy of my US-citizen-born-abroad birth certificate (I do have the Chilean-issued one, but I doubt the US consulate will be much interested in that). Looking online, in order to get one I'll have to send in a notarized request to DC, and it might take a good 8 weeks for them to find my paperwork and then send me my birth certificate. Did I mention we're trying to fly to the US in June for my sister's wedding? My mom may also be able to file the request, which might not save much time but it would save me the pain in the ass of having to find a place to notarize a signature here (a friend recently had to do that and I don't remember the details but it did not sound like a fun experience).

I can't believe I haven't thought about all this before this. What else have I not thought of that's going to jump out at me and bite me in the ass all of a sudden? In some ways I feel so ready to welcome this baby, and in others just so... not. There's so many things left undone, long to-do lists in my head, and although I did accomplish several things today that I've been needing to do, there's still lots left.

Most pregnant women by this point are just begging their babies to come out already. Me? I'm quite happy letting him hang out a bit longer while his mother ties up loose ends that should've been taken care of by now.

EDIT: Crisis averted. While Zach was looking for his birth certificate, he found my US one, which had somehow gotten separated from my other documents. Yay! Although I also realized that the birth certificate is only needed for the Swiss birth registration, in which case I could've used my Chilean one, I'm sure. Unfortunately we couldn't find one for Zach, it appears we may have left that with his parents so they'll be sending that out soon. I feel much better.

And to accent this lightened mood of this previously-frazzled-and-stressed post, how's this for friggin adorable? =)


  1. Hi, I found your blog from Sara's (life is nicht si mal) and had to laugh at this post as I was also desperately hoping my baby would be late because I had so much to do before she arrived. Everyone would said "I bet you can't wait!" I'd say "Yes I can! I need another 2 weeks to get things done!"

    I can't help you with the registration info - our Swiss/American baby was born in the US so we registered her in CH and that was really easy.

    Best of luck with the upcoming birth.

  2. Ug, I was the same way about the hospital bag. What is it about the damn bag? I think it's b/c it's just I kept thinking that if I didn't pack the bag, I wouldn't go into labor (I was ready for the baby, just not the labor, LOL)!

  3. Oh Marci - aren't borders the MOST RIDICULOUS of human inventions? I'm so glad it seems to be working out for you, though. I'm already starting to bite my nails at the thought of driving across the US/Mexican border with all of our things and a car that doesn't have a license plate. (DC made us send our plates back when we canceled our insurance and changed to Mexican insurance and Mexico won't give us plates. Boo hiss.)

    But really, I just wanted to drop by and send you a virtual hug - know that I'm thinking about you and am very excited to see who makes his cameo appearance in a few short weeks!


  4. I can't be of any assistance with your birth-certificate things (although it looks like you've already worked that out) but I can tell you not to stress about the labor bag. Television gives the impression that labor is this sudden emergency with daddies in a panic and the baby hanging half-way out of the mom by the time she gets to the car. It's pretty unlikely that this will be your experience and, although I doubt you'll be in labor for THREE DAYS like I was, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to pack.

    I suggest bringing a comfy sweatshirt and a comfy t-shirt as you'll probably go back and forth between being hot and cold. Some people think music is soothing, but it's hard to know what might irritate you while you're trying to concentrate. Your favorite pillow can be comforting, and don't forget the camera!

    Also, if you've already got some receiving blankets, I'd bring a few of those... not just for the baby, for you. You might be surprised by how hugely your breasts will swell in the first few days (and that they leak!) and folding a blanket length-wise and putting it in your shirt is much more comfortable than a bra and nursing pads. I wish someone had told me about this ahead of time, I had to figure it out on my own!

    I found your blog by way of a Montessori search I did a few weeks back and I think it's great. Looking forward to seeing when your little guy gets here!

  5. i have to say, from most women i have talked to, they are really hoping that the baby comes later than planned, for the same reasons!! i think you are feeling quite the norm right now. if you need any help looking into things in french, dont hesitate to ask me or jon. he is good at beuracracy stuff!



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