Tuesday, January 08, 2008

sun & cheese

We were graced with another sunny, beautiful (if still very cold) day today, and so I took Jen and Daddy into town to get to see more of Geneva in nice weather... since the city can look quite gloomy in rainy/cloudy weather. Jen got to do some shopping at Zara, one of her goals for this trip, then we had some paninis for lunch and walked around Place Neuve and the Parc des Bastions before stopping into Le Pain Quotidien for a coffee break. Last, but not least, we took a tram down to Carouge and walked around a bit before heading back home on the bus. I think they enjoyed the day.

Jen and Daddy had so loved the fondue we had with the neighbors that we decided we should have another fondue dinner before they left. So I made reservations for us to eat at Au Vieux Carouge for this evening. Zach and I had been there once before with some friends and had liked it a lot. It's a cute, teeny little place with with animated and friendly staff, and great food-- Jen and I shared a fondue, while Zach and Daddy had rosti and steak. Everything was very yummy. As we were getting up to leave I ran into the chef outside the kitchen and he asked me about the baby, when I'm due, etc. This place has definitely made it onto the short list of go-to restaurants in the city. The only downside is that b/c it's so tiny and the tables so closely packed together, I could barely squeeze through to get to the bathrooms.


It's funny how you get so excited to see your belly grow in pregnancy, and then you start getting big and you feel HUGE and then another month or 2 goes by and you look back at the previous pictures and think "Yeah, that? That was nothing." Lately I've noticed that when I try to scoot my chair up closer to the table I end up bumping my belly on the edge of the table (not very fun, btw). And maneuvering through tight spots (and some not-so-tight ones, as well) gets pretty tough. And then you realize that you're now constantly walking with your back arched at a funny angle to make up for the extra 35lbs you're carrying in front. I'm finding myself daydreaming of my old body, or what it will be like to get to wear regular jeans and go shopping for normal clothes again. But at the same time, I'm trying to enjoy this belly and this pregnancy while I'm still in it, as I know that very soon it'll be over, and while I growingly look forward to that new beginning, I know part of me will also miss this time right now, with my belly, with baby all to myself feeling him move around and squirm, with Zach also all to myself, this last month (?) of our "old" life that will soon be changed completely.

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