Monday, January 14, 2008


Zach woke up early this morning feeling sick to his stomach, and sure enough soon afterwards started throwing up. He has a history of a having a bit of a weak stomach (we've joked about how we hope Loki inherits my stomach, since I hardly ever seem to get sick) and we kind of assumed he got some sort of food poisoning... potentially the medium-rare burger he had last night when we went out with a bunch of friends.

So he stayed home from work today, and I tried to help however I could but I had a midwife appointment to go to at 11:30 so I left him at home to go do that, promising to come back with some Sprite and crackers.

As I was running a few errands around town after my appointment I noticed that my stomach started feeling funny. But these days it can be hard to tell what the cause might be, and I hoped it was just Loki getting in weird positions or maybe I was just tiring myself out while walking around in town. I came home and realized I hadn't really eaten lunch, but I didn't feel like eating much so instead I had some bread and crackers to try to fill my tummy with something and see how it went from there.

Well, the way it went was that "it" (bread and crackers) just came right back up. At least my stomach feels a bit better now... but I'm worried as to what the rest of the night will bring. Zach went and looked online and it appears that Pepto-Bismol is a no-no for pregnant women, so there goes that. I guess depending on how I feel in the morning I can call my mid-wife and ask her what (if anything) I can do/take.

I usre hope my body knows better than to try to go into labor while Zach and I are both sick...


  1. Damn Exactly! Hope you guys feel better, I'll cross my fingers and you cross your legs ;)

  2. One of the original ingredients of Pepto-Bismol is peppermint. (Hence the name.) Which should be safe for pregnant women and should help calm your stomach.

    Any Mentos about the house?

  3. Lacey Jane5:00 PM

    yikes! feel better marcy and hurrry!



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