Monday, January 21, 2008

spring in january

The infamous Swiss winter fog that plagues our area every winter (or so I'm told) has let up the past few days to give us glorious sunshine, something Zach has been extremely grateful for. It's amazing how directly the weather (and more specifically, the presence or absence of sunlight) affects his mood.

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunny weather by walking over to the next village and stopping in the cafe to have a drink before walking back. Not only was it sunny, but also warm enough that we stripped off our jackets as we walked, and sat in the sun at an outdoor table at the cafe. While we were there a man on a bike (one of several) rode by and said, "I see it's spring already!" at seeing us sitting outdoors.

Today I think I accomplished almost everything on the day's to-do list, and have spent the evening making my way through the 6th season of SATC as I wait for Zach to get home from his French class. In the afternoon I also took advantage of some nice light in our bedroom, and the self-timer on my camera, and took a few fun belly shots. I even got Sierra into a couple of them. =P


  1. what a beautiful mama!!! looked so professional!!!

  2. your belly shots are soo beautiful!

    good luck to you, w'ere down to the wire! :)

  3. You look great!

    I am like your husband, my moods are determined by the weather. Lately it's been nicer in CH than in TX, and I feel it. I need sunshine.

    Enjoy it and your last weeks before the little one arrives!

  4. SATC is a great thing to have on one's to-do list. :)



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