Thursday, January 31, 2008

Village Sunset

The other night I was hanging out downstairs and noticed through the kitchen window that the sky had turned all sorts of gorgeous colors, so I ran upstairs with the camera and took a few shots from our bedroom window. Sierra also enjoyed getting to peek out the open window as I took the pictures.

Went to lunch with the girls today, had Lebanese food which was yummy, unfortunately burping it up the rest of the day was... not so much. I headed to Manor with Melanie and Sophia afterwards for a bit of shopping and then we discovered that they're selling "boules de Berlin" now (basically round donuts) and you get your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or fruit fillings. We each succumbed, and boy were they good. This might be a very very bad thing if they sell those regularly. ; )

Came home afterwards and went grocery shopping, which went ok except this woman really pissed me off when I was leaving. I'd gone to the Coop in the next town which is small and has limited parking, I was parallel parked along the street in front. This woman saw me walking towards my car with my groceries and decided to wait for me to leave, which I understand-- parking is precious there when it's busy, so it can be worth it to block the road for 5+ minutes waiting for someone to leave. However she decided that the best place to wait for me to pull out was about half a car length in front of me, precisely where I would need to pull out into. This meant that I had to pull out and go directly into the opposite lane (you know, the one with traffic coming the other way) and go around her in order to get out. Why she felt it was beyond her ability to wait behind my car, so I could pull out safely and give her my spot, I do not know. Whatever. As Zach says, half of all people are below average.

I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns today. The story carries over some 30 years or so, ending in 2003-- so includes the 9/11 attacks and the US invasion of Afghanistan, which actually seemed to bring peace stability for the first time in those 30-something years. Nice to see we did something right with the whole war-on-terror hooplah. The author wrote an afterword mentioning an organization he works with to help refugees around the world, I think I may need to donate some money. It's amazing how I can sit here and fret about spending $800 on a stroller when people elsewhere are starving and watching their loved ones die all around them.

My mom arrives tomorrow morning. That means that tonight is the last night Zach and I will spend at home alone together, as not-yet-parents. I'd like to say we're doing something romantic and extravagant to commemorate it, but I think it'll be a fairly low-key evening. Though I probably should get off the computer now and go cuddle with my hubby.


  1. boule de Berlin, yum! I went to Manor yesterday just to get one. "luckily" they only have them for a few months each year (but they are also the few months of Belgium style waffles too)

  2. My pregnancy was so easy - the only thing was the indigestion that last two weeks or so! There is no room in there for food! :)

    I loved A Thousand Splendid Suns - you should check out The Bookseller from Kabul, if you haven't already.

    I love your photo! Good capture...

  3. AND! the author went to santa clara university. more reasons to love him!

  4. hmmm you made me salivate with the thought of biting into a BOULE De Berlin! YUMMMMY! I miss those...can't wait til June!

    I read a Thousand Splendid Suns when it first came out. I love Kite Runner so couldn't wait to see what he wrote. LOVED IT equally! What did you think? I read the BOokseller of Kabul, but I like the way Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid sun is written much more!

    Gorgeous photo!
    Enjoy your las evening solo before kidlets!
    though as I write this (8:44pm California time) you are almost waking up! ;-)

  5. oh wow - now that is a sunset! I'm sure you are really happy about your mom coming!

  6. that sunset is just gorgeous.

    hope your feeling well during the last few weeks of the pregnancy. :)

    enjoy the time alone with your hubby....

  7. I really liked A Thousand Splendid Suns. It's now in my grandpa's hands - I had to share it. You might also like Three Cups of Tea, which is about a mountain-climber-turned-foundation-director who is building schools in villages in Pakistan.

    I keep checking back to see if Loki has arrived. Wishing all three of you well!



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