Friday, January 25, 2008

A visit

This afternoon I rode into town to visit my friend Debbie, who's 5 months pregnant and recently was put on bed rest. Putting the whole worrying-about-baby-being-ok part of it aside, some of us who are naturally more homebodies would deal better with something like bed rest... Poor Debbie is more of a mover and a shaker and I think not being able to get up and do stuff is already driving her nuts a bit. But she was in great spirits today. She gave me back a book I'd lent her, and I brought over a few pregnancy magazines I had, and then we sat and chatted and before I knew it 2.5 hrs had flown by and I had to head out. Perhaps I'll be able to fit in another visit or 2 before Loki arrives, we'll see.

I'm now waiting for Zach to get home, he's supposed to bring a couple coworkers home with him and we're gonna go have dinner next door at the restaurant. However I may give him a call soon since his ETA had been about 6:30 and it's not past 7pm...

No real labor signs yet, the only thing I've been feeling is menstrual-like cramps in my lower abdomen, though they don't coincide with any sorts of contractions and from what I read today I think they're just the result of pressure from baby's head. It's crazy thinking I'm only 1.5 weeks away from my due date... Looking back it feels like a long time ago that we found out we were pregnant, but at the same time it's flown by.

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