Sunday, January 27, 2008

looking back... and forward

Zach and I both woke up kinda early this morning, then spent the next few hours laying in bed talking and hanging out with Sierra. We eventually got up and made breakfast (eggs, flour tortillas imported by Zach's coworker, and a big bowl of mixed fruit) and spent a decent part of the morning (or mid-day) doing different things around the house-- I organized a few things in Loki's future room, and made some closet space by getting rid of a few pairs of shoes and jackets that I haven't used in ages. Or, well, those things are sitting in a box waiting to be gotten rid of. I just need to walk them up to the collection box up the road.

I also spent some time this evening scrapbooking, trying to catch up on pictures from the past year while I still have time. I'm a bit amazed that some of these pages are coming out still looking pretty decent since I feel like I'm slapping them together without much thought or time.

It was interesting to look back at pictures from this summer, back when I was 5 -6 months pregnant and felt like I had this huge belly already, and now I look at them and can barely even see a bump. I also look at those pictures and notice that, yes, my face has definitely gotten a bit... fuller... in these last months of pregnancy. Not that I'm complaining, I certainly could be experiencing much worse things due to pregnancy. It was just kinda crazy to look back at what I looked like just a few months ago, and see how much my body has changed. It's crazier still to think about the changes still ahead, with birth and recovery and breastfeeding, etc. I'm both excited and scared to see what my post-baby body will look like, and how long it'll take for me to look like my old self again. I am looking forward to being able to tie my own shoes again... ; )

And speaking of bellies... I took a fun picture and sent it in to Pink is the New Blog earlier this week, and Trent published it today (along with the other week's sent pictures). Check towards the bottom of today's post. =P woot!


  1. very cool feature on pink is the new blog!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through BOTB on the nest. I live in Lausanne with my Swiss husband and 1 year old son, and am always looking for more English-speaking pals in Switzerland! Here is our blog: and my email is toptyger at hotmail dot com.

    Good luck with delivery and your newborn!



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