Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Last Days...

Yesterday I met up with my old coworkers at the Montessori school for lunch. It was a wonderful time, I got there at noon and didn't leave untill 4pm. It's just fun to talk with them, hear their stories of funny things the kiddoes do, and get to hear Polli and Ilana's usually quite sage advice on children and motherhood (they each have a child about 20/21 yrs old now). They gave me a Michael Olaf catalogue, with cool wooden toys and things that are Montessori-based for kids 0-3 yrs old (which I was really hoping to get my hands on, so that's awesome that they gave me a copy) and some cash to buy stuff with. =)

I then stopped by DSW to do some shoe shopping. I wanted to buy tennis shoes, since my current pair are pretty worn down (I did walk who knows how many hundreds of miles in them while training for the Avon Walk last year). I stuck with my trusted brand of Adidas, and found a pair that's sort of a dark brown color with baby blue accents. Kinda cute, and I was also trying to avoid the white pairs (perhaps these will still mark me as American, as probably most of my other clothes and mannerisms do, but still...). As I was looking through the tennis shoes I turned around to find ADULT GALOSHES!!! I've seen to many kids with these adorable waterproof boots and I've always wished I could find some for adults, but never have. Well, there they were, a whole row in solid colors AND prints! So I got a pair with purple and green stripes on them. I figure these will be lifesavers for all those rainy days in Switzerland. My Danskos are nice b/c they themselves are waterproof, but then when I wear them my jeans tend to get wet anyway. This way I can tuck them in and, well, I may not look stylish, but if I stay dry I'll be happy!

At night we got together with some friends for dinner at one of the local thai restaurants, and I got to satisfy my craving for chicken in yellow curry. We even have some of that (and Zach's pad thai) left over for lunch today... yum. =)

Tonight is Karen and Benjamin's wedding. Should be a great night. =) And then tomorrow... we fly back to Geneva.

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  1. ugh. i totally NEED galoshes here and have also been pining-searching for them!



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