Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday market, and to-do's

It's late and I should be going to bed, but I had trouble sleeping again last night and I'm hoping if I tired myself out more before going to sleep, I'll have an easier time of it tonight. Let's see how that plays out, shall we?

This morning we went back to the Divonne market, and even brought some friends with us (ok, they got there first... we slept in a bit). I'd kind of been relying on Zach to wake up early, as he tends to do on weekends (only) but he was pretty pooped from his trip earlier this week, so that didn't exactly work out. Oh well, I got up and out of bed, walked down to the village baker where a morning crowd was gathered to buy a few items needed on a Sunday (when no other stores would be open). I paid an exorbitant amount for milk, eggs, a loaf of bread, and a croissant and pain au chocolat for our breakfast and came back to eat and get ready before heading out the door shortly before 11am.

The market was nice, as it was last week, although I find myself a bit disappointed by the fact that it seems to lack much choice as far as organic foods go... a surprise to me, as I've sort of associated farmer's markets with organic. In California organic produce was always proudly marked, and I found no signs saying one way or the other here, and the one stand I asked at said their food was "treated" (and said it in a manner as if that was the better way to go, as in why wouldn't we spray chemicals on all our produce?). I came home and did a bit of research and found that, although Switzerland as a country is a bit of a world leader in organic farming, western Switzerland (where we are) appears to lag behind-- less that 5% of the agricultural land around Geneva is devoted to organic farming. Which would explain why, counterintuitively, I have an easier time finding "bio" options in the supermarket than at these farmers markets. I go back and forth over time on how much this really matters to me, though growing a person inside my body, and thinking about how and what I'll want to feed him as he grows, certainly makes me more aware of it, and wanting to at least have the option to go organic if I so choose.

But anyway, we did have a lovely time at the market, and afterwards as the 4 of us ate paella by the lake and talked. I think Zach may have found a hiking buddy, which I'm happy about, b/c I know getting out into the outdoors helps keep him less stressed and more sane. I took a short nap this afternoon while Zach took his bicycle on a spin, and then we headed over to Bob and Aruna's for a night of hanging out with Jules while mom and dad went to the Police concert in town. As always, Jules was adorable and pretty easy to manage, and after she went to bed Zach was ecstatic to discover Sunday Night Football on their Sky TV and got to watch Vince Young playing for his new team. Very exciting stuff. ; )

Well, tomorrow is a long day... in the morning we have an appointment for the "big" ultrasound, which should be awesome. =) Then I have to figure out where to buy a weedwacker so we can attempt our next idea at tackling the awkward pattern on grass growing on our patio. I also have a bunch of phone calls to make, to see about a possible second-hand stroller I read about on and also some used baby clothes that might come in handy, and to some local hospitals to try to find info on taking a tour and if they offer birthing classes. I'm nervous about the hospital calls as I don't know if I'll get anywhere or if the people I reach will speak English with me, but I'll cross my fingers. I hate making these sorts of calls, but the less-than-helpful, French-only websites left me with no useful info so... Yeah. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!

    You're a brave woman. Made of sterner stuff than I - I'd just curl up and cry, and make someone else go to the hospital and fix it for me.

  2. melanienyc9:24 AM



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