Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sleeping, Shopping, Ranting, Growing

Last night I went to bed at about 9pm. I finally got out of bed at 2pm this afternoon. Yup, that's something like 16 hrs of sleep... It was sort of like hibernation, too, I only got up once to pee, and didn't even feel very hungry when I did get up. Which was good, b/c we have almost no food in the house. So finally, at 2, I drug myself out of bed knowing that I HAD to make it to the store today and buy some food, and also feeling very guilty that I had let my body go without nourishment for that long... especially since my prenatal vitamins got packed in a bag that went missing, so I'm not getting those right now, either (but more on that later). So I took a shower, got dressed, and headed to the nearby small grocery store, knowing I wasn't quite in shape for a big shopping trip. Well, for a few reasons this one turned out to be a bigger pain in the butt than I was prepared for, but oh well. I walked out with basics-- milk, yogurt, bread, some fruit, etc, so I was able to feed myself and us for tonight at least. Zach and I would go to one of the bigger stores later for more stuff, since we're supposed to get visitors this week (maybe tomorrow? We don't really know? Waiting for the email?).

So, about the missing bag... when we got to the Geneva airport yesterday we were able to collect 3 of our 4 checked bags, but one was missing. No big deal-- this happened on our way back from Chile, too, and they were able to get our bag back to us the next day. So Zach went and talked to the people and found out our bag had been held back in Paris (what happened last time) and they'd contact us about it the next day (today).

We have not heard anything yet. So Zach called when he got home from work, and they have yet to receive our bag from Paris. Now, I'm sitting here thinking of what moving guys have told us the 2 times we used a moving truck to move-- tell us asap if something's missing, b/c if it goes longer than a day it's nearly impossible to locate the missing boxes. Well with all the flight traffic going in and out of Charles de Gaulle airport every day, I'm starting to really worry about our lost luggage. Especially since it was the bag we packed Zach's brand new motorcycle helmet in. And his brand new black dress shoes-- both pairs of them. And my black pumps, which cost all of $15 from Payless years ago, but are invaluable in that they're really comfortable (and very cute). And all of my makeup that's in liquid or cream form (my powder stuff I packed in my carry-on), which includes my brand-new MAC and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners, and multiple other very precious items. So, yeah, I really hope this bag gets found, b/c otherwise there will be hell to pay. It wouldn't be such a big deal if we could just get reimbursed and go out and buy the stuff again, but that's just not very easy for us. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news... I've been weighing myself every morning when I get up to keep track of my weight since getting pregnant. All through my first trimester (ndeed, up through week 15) I didn't gain any weight. I didn't weigh myself at all during the trip, and then this morning I weighed in and... found out I've gained nearly 6 lbs in the past 3 weeks. I'm only supposed to gain about a pound a week at this point. I blame all the eating out and root beers (and rb floats!) and the Krispy Kreme, etc. Hopefully now that we're back home, and back to our normal eating routine (which seemed to be working ok before) I'll gain at a more decent pace. To finish this post off, how about a belly comparison!

Here's me at about 11wks, and again at 17wks (1 week ago)
Hello, baby!

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  1. ahhhhh marcy!! CUTEEEE Belly pics!!



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