Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Our bag was found!!! We got a call at 9pm last night from the airport saying they had our bag, and they could drop it off that same night if we wanted. Not wanting to risk anything more happening to it, we said "Sure!" It was here by 10:40pm, with all our stuff inside, and I am SO GLAD b/c the more I tried to remember everything we'd packed in it, the more mad I was going to be if it had all been gone for good.

I had my check-up this morning, to make up for the one that was missed 2 weeks ago, and everything's still going good. She said my blood pressure's a little high, so to keep an eye on it, but so far nothing to really worry about. I got my blood drawn, as usual, except this time when she was only able to squeeze a few drops from one arm, and had to move on to the other arm, and now I have small bruises starting to show at each puncture wound. Don't know what that was about... usually I have no problem with giving blood. We did another routine ultrasound, and my little boy once again proudly showed off his manhood (the dr got one shot of it that I think could be classified as fetus porn). It's always fun to get to see the little guy moving around in there, he's been really active at the past 2 ultrasounds... can't wait to get to feel it myself! I have my big Level 2 ultrasound coming up on the 17th, Zach's coming with me to that one, I'm really looking forward to it. Zach's only been to one other ultrasound, back when baby was still a blob (with a beating heart, but still) and so I just know it's gonna be awesome for him to get to see little Loki dancing around on the screen.

After the appt I headed down to Rue de Marche where there's a farmer's market on wednesdays, and snagged some raspberries and strawberries. I also discovered a food stand right there that sold empanadas! Of course, I got one, and it tasted pretty authentic. I didn't ask the couple manning the booth where they were from, but they looked Latin of some sort... Usually here anyone speaking Spanish ends up being from Spain, but these guys seemed latinamerican to me.

Despite all these positives... I am left feeling tired and blah this afternoon. I am sleepy-- I started falling asleep earlier while reading a book (with Sierra happily curled up in my lap) but I don't want to take a nap-- last night I woke up and couldn't sleep for 2+ hrs, and don't want that to happen again tonight. We have visitors coming tomorrow, and college friend of Zach's and her boyfriend, will stay here through the weekend. The house is totally not ready -- we need to finish unpacking and clean up a bit-- but I don't really have the energy to do so right now. Maybe it will come to me later.


  1. CDNSarah7:46 AM

    If the stand also sold Churros than it's a Spanish couple. Another great place for empanadas and other Peruvian specialties (try the chocolate cake!) is "Mama Wasi" on rue de Lausanne, just before Le Scandale.

  2. Yay, happy baby!
    I told you nicknaming him Loki was trouble... he's already an exhibitionist.

  3. Glad they found your bag! Speaking of bags, I belong to & they just mentioned this cute diaper bag/purse called "My royal heinie" and I thought of you.

  4. i'm so glad you got your bag back!



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