Monday, September 24, 2007

Cannes Recap

So we flew back this morning-- me back home to Geneva, Zach off to NJ for work (will be back sat. morning). Sierra could not have been happier to see me when I walked in the door and has been all over me all day, purring and shedding everywhere to show how much she's missed having any sort of human interaction the past few days. Well, that is when she doesn't decide to go sleep on the chair across the room.

We had a pretty fabulous weekend. I'm not really gonna go through and break it down by day, just say that we spent lots of time resting, hanging out at the beach, and eating ice-cream. The food was pretty good. The weather, gorgeous. Other than being just a bit on the chilly side for swimming, I think this was the perfect time of year to go, as nothing was too crowded. We tried to go to Monaco on Saturday, to check out the aquarium and also a yatch show that Zach wanted to go see, but when we got to the train station they were apparently having to do repairs on the rail between Nice and Monaco, so we went as far as Nice and hung out there for a good part of the day, checking out the downtown, and I bought some unbelievably expensive cookies from this really adorable store tucked away in a corner. They were yummy. =)

Zach really fell for Cannes, I think. He said it reminded him a lot of Santa Barbara, which is one of our favorite places in California. I'm just now realizing how much he really does love going to the beach, and we're thinking of trying to make sure we go on one good beach trip a year.

I didn't take too many pictures, but they're up in flickr for the viewing for anyone who's interested.

Now, I must run to the grocery store and stock up on essentials, since I don't really have much at home at the moment.


  1. *double take*

    LOOK HOW CUTE AND PREGNANT YOU ARE!!!!! You haven't bellypic'd us in awhile. You're one of those lucky pregnant women who has thin arms and legs and then a really adorable baby bump. Glad you had a good time! Cute picture.

  2. i spy your pregnant belly! too cute!
    cannes (and the mediterranean coast) is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been. i think i'd seriously live there if it weren't so insanely expensive.

  3. sounds like a fun trip!! i love Santa Barbara (I lived there before moving here), you are making me want to go see Cannes!

  4. Cannes is a nice place. I have spent some time there, especially as a child, we used to go to Frejus (not too far) every summer!
    I love the beach in France, vs CAlifornia HUGE waves and the water is soo nice. If only they could replace the rocks with sand! BUT then, I am always complaining that sand gets everywhere, so maybe I like the rocks! ;-)
    Let me know if you are ever Visiting Santa Barbara, I am only 40 minutes away!
    Lovely photos!



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